Creativity Found: finding creativity later in life

Creative reading and listening suggestions from Claire

July 18, 2021 Claire Waite Brown Episode 27
Creativity Found: finding creativity later in life
Creative reading and listening suggestions from Claire
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For this episode it's me. JUST me!
I’ve got some book and podcast recommendations for your creative enjoyment, and a shout out to some of you lovely listeners who have made yourselves known to me.
Links to the books and podcasts mentioned

The Art of Creativity by Susie Pearl
Conscious Creativity by Philippa Stanton
Conscious Creativity: The Workbook by Philippa Stanton

The Second Chapter podcast
More Than Work podcast
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Researched, edited and produced by Claire Waite Brown
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Claire Waite Brown:

Hi, everyone, This episode is a change from the norm because it's me. Okay? I know it's always me. But in this case, it's just me. I've got some book and podcast recommendations for your creative enjoyment. And a shout out to some of you lovely listeners who have made yourself known to me. I'll see you on the other side of the intro. Hi, I'm Claire, founder of open stage arts, drama and singing classes for adults. For this podcast, I chat with people who have found or refound their creativity as adults will explore their childhood experiences of the arts, discuss how they came to the artistic practices they now love. And consider the barriers they may have experienced between the two. We'll also explore what it is that people value and gain from their newfound artistic pursuits and how their creative lives enrich their practical, necessary, everyday lives. Hi again. So the reason for this change to the normal format is because I'm going to be taking a break from releasing new episodes from now until September. But I don't want you to miss out on your creative inspiration. So I've come up with a few recommendations for books and podcasts. To keep you engaged while I'm away. I will be releasing a few taste a bonus episodes, featuring fun clips from some of the 27 guests I've chatted with so far. These may introduce you to episodes you haven't listened to yet, so feel free to go back and visit them. If that floats your boat. In the background. I won't be standing still, I have a backlog of recorded episodes that need editing, and guests lined up to chat with an interview from now until December. So rest assured that creativity found will be a part of your life for the foreseeable future. I'm also busy working on preparations for the creativity found directory. My plan for this is to extend the inspiration and encouragement that my guests stories bring to include physical ways that listeners can connect, join in and find their own creativity as adults, the directory will be a one stop shop for anyone looking to try or retry a creative activity and will feature links to workshops, courses, programmes memberships and products to help any adult do just that. Like the podcast the disciplines covered will be many in varied so there'll be something for everyone. If you want to learn more about the directory, as a future student or potential workshop provider, please follow at creativity found directory on Instagram and or Facebook, or email me directly at Claire, CL a i r e at openstage art stock code at UK. I'd love to hear from you. Before I move on to my book and podcast recommendations, I want to thank you all for listening and supporting this show. If you've left a review or made contact with me recently, I might be mentioning you later, so stay tuned. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage more listeners to leave reviews for the show. It's tough for us independent podcasters to get noticed, among all the celebrities and pseudo celebrities out there, whose podcasts instantly hit the top of the charts. And while I'm not trying to be a chart topper, I do want as many people as possible to hear the stories that my guests have to tell and to be inspired and encouraged by them to pursue their own creative journeys. Your review can help me do this. on Apple podcasts, go to the show, not an individual episode, and scroll down a little to the five blank stars. Click on the fifth star to give a five star rating and you will also be invited to leave some words as a review. please do leave some words. If Apple podcasts isn't your thing, you can email me DM me on Instagram or messenger me through Facebook with a lovely quote that I can share far and wide. At creativity found podcast is the show's handle on all social media platforms. If you want to generate your own social media posts about how much you love the show, simply tag me so I can share too. Thank you. But enough of all that well let's talk about First up is the art of creativity seven powerful habits to unlock your full potential by Suzy pearl. In this book Suzy considers activities and attitudes that she believes can help you unlock your creative potential and open arpt creative ideas. This book doesn't tell you how to create. Rather, it explores practices that, if incorporated into your wider life will prepare your body and mind to be open to creativity. The habits include journaling, meditation, and overcoming fears, such as the fear of making a mess of it something that we are hot on banishing here at creativity found Susy details what each habit is and how it can help not just to get creative ideas rushing to mind, but also for general wellbeing and self improvement. She uses the discoveries of medical and university studies to explain the reported benefits of these activities, keeping the data relevant to the reader. So don't worry, you won't be blinded by science. This is a cute little book literally great for travel, designed in a very proactive way with tips, prompts and practical exercises to help you get started with each habit. Next up is conscious creativity I Philippa Stanton. This book will take your creative journey to the next stage, by focusing your attention so that you notice, appreciate and collect things that inspire you now, or may do in the future. This book starts with an introspective section to help you understand your own creativity and looks at the barriers that might be preventing you from tapping into it and getting hands on more of the themes we visit often in the podcast crop up here, such as lack of time being told you weren't good at art as a youngster. And that old favourite already mentioned here, worrying that you won't like what you produce. Philippa then describes various techniques for observing and collecting what you see, organised by themes such as colour, texture, and composition. Like Susie's book, this one also features lots of prompts and practical exercises to help you think outside of your norm. And finally, taking the exploration of your own creativity to it's in practice conclusion is conscious creativity, the workbook, a companion developers first book, this one is just packed full of exercises to help you free your mind and discover new creative possibilities. You can do any of the exercises in any order and work in the book itself. The blurb sums it up and once again ties in with what seems to be today's theme, make mistakes, make a mess, make discoveries. As an aside, I just want to mention that this book was designed by one of my companions at quarto publishing, Emily Portnoy, Emily and I have worked on a number of books together, and she is also the person who created the creativity found branding. To purchase any of these books, click on the relevant link in the show notes. Other than the booster episodes of creativity found that will be popping up this summer. If you need something else to listen to while I'm away, I have some suggestions of like minded podcasts you might enjoy. The second chapter is similar to creativity found in that Kristen Duffy, the host chats with guests who have started a second, third or fourth chapter at a later age, in this case over 35 there's inspiration to be taken if that's what you're after, or just some really interesting and entertaining stories. rabea Coons podcast more than work also features inspiring guests. This time who talked about finding a work life balance, recognising that work isn't the be all and end all and sharing details of the hobbies and passions that give them that balance an extra meaning in their lives. And now for those shoutouts to recent podcast supporters. It was great to chat briefly with Rebecca Norris Clark on Facebook recently, after she commented about the podcast on a post from Rob Ballantine, from season one, Episode Four. I also want to mention Lisa Scarborough, who always has lovely things to say about podcasts on social media. As for reviews, we had a flurry of Maxine Ryan fans reviewing her episode on Apple. So thanks very much to Happy Monday nine, Morty Jones 2020 dodge widow groove master Brian enen, highheeled healer and Nan Darrow apologies if I've pronounced any of those incorrectly. And finally, for me, just a reminder that if you contact any of our guests, sign up for their workshops or buy their products, please mention that you heard about them on the creativity found podcast and if you want to throw a little money Way to help fund costs of podcast hosting and producing, please visit k o hyphen f slash creativity found podcast. Thanks so much for listening to my first solo episode. Enjoy your summer. If you're in the UK just hope for good weather. Feel free to contact me. I love to hear from listeners, and I look forward to releasing a whole new season of episodes as usual, featuring myriad guests from many artistic disciplines and with varied paths that have gotten to their creativity. See you soon everyone. Creativity found is an openstage Arts production. If you're listening on Apple podcasts, please subscribe rate and review. If you would like to contribute to future episodes, visit k o hyphen f slash creativity found podcast. If you contact any of the artists featured sign up to their workshops, or buy their products don't forget to mention creativity found podcast on Instagram or Facebook. Follow at creativity found podcast where you'll find photos of our contributors artwork and be kept abreast of everything. We're up to

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